Building Future Communities

This is something, which in part, many people will dispute but then after all, they will do this because they are looking after themselves to make money out of you/your business and not thinking of the community around them!!

But you need look at the wider picture…….so, let’s get a few things straight first……..

  • Firstly, forget all this hype that you are hearing from people about you must do this and you must do that because you need to be on this platform and that platform doing this and that as otherwise, your Social Media presence will be non-existent – NNNNOOOOOO!!
    This is wrong because Social Media is DEAD and started to die around 2012 and climbed into it’s deathbed in 2014 but is still clinging on via it’s life support machine that is those people selling you Social Media courses, events and training sessions!!!
    The reason it died, is quite plain and simple – it’s all about the world around us and what we’ve done for hundreds/thousands of years, we communicated!! This is where real world crosses over into the world of technology and innovation with Social Business! So hence, this is where and what you need to be doing. (You can discover this more in this article Social Media is dead – so why are you still using it?).
  • Secondly, what you really need to understand, it’s not how you should be thinking about your sales today, tomorrow or this year but how you will be doing your sales or operating your business over the next twenty, thirty and forty years ahead! And yes, the future is the future and doesn’t pay your bills today but it’s very key to making you money today and moving forward. If you aren’t factoring the future into your business then the issue arises, if you aren’t looking at Future Technologies, Advancements and Innovations, your peers and competition will be and in turn, moving further forward than you.
  • Third and finally, Future Technologies, Advancements and Innovations is what you are needing look at and not on your own but in collaboration with others. Over many years, you and/or your business have been pieces of a jigsaw all working on your own thinking you can be the whole photo on the box on your own! But to survive over the next forty years, virtually everything we do or need will be interconnected with many other companies or products and this is where you need to be – A COMMUNITY WORKING TOGETHER…….

This is why and where “Building Future Communities” really becomes a key foundation in moving forward and that’s why The Social Piggy is helping with this initiative in being one of the key founding partners. The whole concept is borne out of what people aren’t prepared to hear and that’s because as society is fragmented and has been for many many years – it’s time to repair society and if as businesses we can pull together and make this change happen, then future generations will reap the benefits in so many ways!

The Building Future Communities initiative is bringing School Children (14-16 years of age), Students, Unemployed, Employed and Companies together talking, thinking, planning and innovating across eight key core sectors on a monthly basis for 11 months of the year where ideas can be developed. All ideas and projects borne from this initiative will be there to help and benefit the people of that city or county where it is running. Also, the group will engage actively with the local authorities such as the Council, neighbouring Councils, County Councils, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Charities etc, etc.
The whole aspect is about bringing business and the community together to help each other work together and survive long term as one thing is for certain, if we don’t start planning now, the change that will come will be here fast and we won’t be ready for it and thus, we will have to be playing catch up to fix the future with the past very quickly!

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