Who is your real Influencer?

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Recently we’ve been discussing this internally as we all have different backgrounds and views, thus, as a result, it allows us to have good hearty debates on our observations across all sectors of the business community.

One thing that most of the conversations come back to, is about engagement and interaction.

We all make a valid points on who and why we choose to follow and speak to — over the number that are following you or you are following.

It is quite obvious that when you look at the so-called Experts or Influencers,are they really these, given the titles they have?

We not going to name names, but if you look at these people that regularly appear on these lists and see how many people they have following them — then if you take a look at what they post (and Twitter is a great example of this), the maths is very interesting and gives some interesting insights..…..

When these people break the 50,000 mark, the interaction percentage starts to drop and we really mean drop!!

Have you ever looked or considered this?

Whether they have five or six figure followers, the majority of what they post only gain single or double digit Re-Tweets or Likes (the new term adopted by Twitter to replace Favourites) to what they have done!

So for example…

if let’s say they have 60,000 followers, 600 Re-Tweets or Likes is 1% of their follower figure and thus, if they are getting only 1% engagement — would you buy or trust a person or company with a 1% rating in real life?

Yet most of these experts/influencers, aren’t even getting 60 which at 0.1% is even more worrying!

So, if when you go out to go somewhere to eat or want to do business with someone, would you spend your money on something that has a less than 0.1% rating?

Over the last week I’ve seen a lot of people (who have a Blue Tick or are regarded as Experts/Influencers) with in excess of 200,000 followers yet their posts are on average single figures (ie less than 10) Re-Tweets or Likes!

Now do the maths….

Let’s be generous and say 9 Re-Tweets from someone with over 200,000 followers– so let’s say 225,000 for this example – so, 9 from 225,000, this equates to less 0.005%!!!

Are you really telling me that you would invest your time or money with a person/company that has only 0.005% rating?

So, that begs the question…

who are the real Experts/Influencers?

Are they part of a small society that talk and communicate regularly with each other but keep themselves to themselves?

As when you look at certain people with say less than 2,000 followers, they get medium to high double figures! So, let’s say based on 20 is 1%. So if they are getting more than 20, then the figure is much higher than the “Big Names”!!

Yes of course many of you will say that it is obvious that smaller numbers will create high percentages but it still raises the question from both sides….

  • How can you really interact with so many followers to create great interaction/engagement?


  • Why are you following someone if you never Re-Tweet, Like or Engage/Interact with them?

And before you go running over to our Twitter account and say “Pot, Kettle, Black” — yes we know we don’t get many Re-Tweets or Likes but at least we are going to try to answer at least 90%+ of all people that speak to us and thank everyone that follows myself!

Can you honestly tell me that you speak/interact with more than 25% of the people that follow you/connect with you on the platforms you are on?

Do you try to engage with everyone of your connections on LinkedIn?

No — we didn’t think so!

So with Social now becoming more and more important in both our on-line and off-line lives each and every day — isn’t time you started to be more Social and start using Social Engagement which is one of the key foundations of The Social Family?

Isn’t time you engaged with your audience as afterall, they made the effort to follow/connect with you?

Did you thank them?

And just one more thing…..

So, as the title ask’s…..

Who is your Influencer?

To discover more on how the right strategy can help you and your company lay the foundations for bringing the family of “Social” in to your company, feel free to contact myself to help take you forward into the world of the“Social Family”….

To learn more “Influencers”, “Brand Ambassadors” or about what The Social Piggy can do for you and your business when it comes to implementing The Social Family, then please complete the form below…..

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